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Hi, I am Sandhya Nayak, diamond director from Bangalore. I was born and brought up in a small town of Maharashtra called Palghar. We were four children,3 daughters, and 1 son. I belonged to a conservative family and never had much exposure. I was a very shy person by nature and never use to interact with people. Deep inside my heart, I always wanted to be someone big.

After completion of my graduation I got married to Mr Sudhakar Nayak and since he was placed in Bangalore I also had to shift to Bangalore.

Bangalore was new to me and it took me awhile to get adjusted. From then on my new role began. I got fully involved in fulfilling my duty as a wife daughter in law and a mother.

Time was passing and I have given up on my dreams 12 years passed I got busier in my household work.

One day I met my upline when she told me about the Oriflame opportunity, there was a ray of hope in me. My dream started now began to bloom. I had lots of dreams,(own house better lifestyle financial independence and so much more.

The Oriflame opportunity was a turning point in my life. My journey with Oriflame started in March 2001.

My Dreams

My dreams were big and my dedication was strong. I overcame all challenges and became successful in Oriflame. In the beginning, I was working 2 -3 hours a day for my business and by selling Oriflame products I started earning some pocket money. After working for a bit of time, I realised the right potential of Oriflame recruiting. I started recruiting people. Slowly my network expanded and in just 4 months I achieved my 1st manager title. I started earning few thousands and was very happy. Gradually I got promoted several steps. In 2 years I achieved my dream title of Oriflame director. I received the first cash award of 50,000 in that month and I earned more than 75000. For me, it was a huge income. I maintained as a director earning 20-30 thousand for a few months then after. I fulfilled my first small dreams of buying a two-wheeler for myself and gifted my husband i10 car on my wedding anniversary.

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Our basic necessity was to have a home. We couple worked hard, but our income was not enough to have a house for us. I went to Director Seminar and took the challenge of Gold Director title-ship. I achieved it and won a cash reward of Rs. 450000. This was the right time for me and I played my masterstroke and booked my flat. I was so happy. My monthly income also increased by four times. I qualified for my first foreign trip to Sweden with 2 tickets. I never looked back in my life and became first Diamond Director of Banglore. I also got honda city car for me. When I became Senior Diamond Director, I got a recognition of No. 1 leader in South India.

My journey doesn’t stop here and many more things and surprises are waiting for me to be achieved from Oriflame.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and cherish beautiful memories
Some of the places I have visited with my family
Some of the pictures clicked during national and international trips sponsored by Oriflame

Choice, not circumstances, determines your success.

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